Pontiac 389-455 8 1/2″ Deep, 6 qt, Drag Race Aluminum Oil Pan 1095-E

$825.83 Each

Stef’s 1095-E GTO/Firebird aluminum drag race pan. Designed to fit all Pontiac 389-455 engines installed into a stock chassis 1967-73 GTO,67-69 Firebird and 66-76 full size chassis. These pans have billet end seals and 3/8″ thick side rails for leak-free performance. Oil pump pickup included.

  • For Pontiac 389-455 blocks
  • Drag baffle with trap doors
  • Accel and decel ledges
  • Aluminum bolt in sump tray
  • Coated windage screen
  • Magnetic drain plug
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Includes pickup tube for Melling M54F Oil Pump
    (because of thick wall inlet tube on fabricated pickup, oil pump must be drilled to 49/64″)
  • 8 1/2″ deep pan holds 6 quarts in pan + filter

    Pick up only for Mellings M54/M54F pump, stainless pick up box with thick wall tube (oil pump inlet must be drilled to 49/64")

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